Big Girl Panties

Big Girl Panties - Stephanie Evanovich

Holly is a sad, fat, unemployed widow who meets Logan - a happy, good-looking man. Holly becomes un-fat under the tutelage of Logan the personal trainer, and then gets a job and a relationship and friends.


I'm probably being a little hard on this novel. It wasn't easy for me to read, and honestly I don't know how much of my annoyance at the book is due to my own identification with the protagonist and therefore anger at her, and how much is due to the fact that I think the book does kind of manage to backhandedly make the point that thin=successful. I mean, author Stephaine Evanovich seems to be going for a diferent mesage but this is the one I'm left with.


This book would be great for a book group, though, for provoking discussion. Does the book reinforce stereotypes of physical beauty? Is Holly's struggle with her weight represented in a way that is truthful to the experiences of real women? Is my own perception of the subject coloring my understanding of the book? Will anybody else have the same questions after reading it? Anyone out there, feel free to weigh in!


I'm going to stay away from plot specifics (unless anybody really wants to discuss them). I read the whole book in one sitting, though, so at least on one level I enjoyed it. In fact, I skipped some of the sex scenes entirely in favor of getting on with the plot.


What Went Well:

  • Characters are complex - everybody in the book manages to be a moron and/or asshat
  • All major players are treated with equal empathy


Even Better If:

  • Make it clear who or what is the antecedent of each and every pronoun
  • Stop aggravating my personal issues!


The publisher provided this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Release date 9 July 2013.