Maid of Secrets

Maid of Secrets - Jennifer  McGowan

Meg, a seventeen year old actress and pickpocket, is forcibly recruited to spy for her queen at the beginning of the reign of Elizabeth I. Along with four other recruits, Meg struggles to come to terms with her new life, new identity, new responsibilities, and first love.


This book is intended for ages twelve and up, and admirably meets its goal. The action is age appropriate without being condescending to the reader, and the romance is sweet and happily devoid of heaving and throbbing. Female friendships are treated honestly, and period details are genuine but not overwhelming. The book is longer than typical (four hundred sixteen pages). I genuinely enjoyed it. This is planned as the beginning of a series; I look forward to the next book.


What Went Well:

  • Sweet romantic sub-plot
  • Believable, consistent narrative voice


Even Better If:

  • Drop awkward colloquialisms ("Verily!")


The publisher provided this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Release date 7 May 2013.