Sealed With a Kiss

Sealed with a Kiss - Rachael Lucas

Kate is dumped by her snoozer boyfriend, so naturally she takes a job as Girl Friday to a real Scottish Laird on a remote Scottish island. It's a romance novel, so you know what happens next!


First, I have to say that I'm so used to everything being paranormal these days, I spent the first two-thirds of the book waiting for the seals to reveal themselves as selkies, or something, and - I cannot stress this strongly enough - that did not happen. This is really quite a sweet romance. There's a minimum of drama, pretty much no peril, and a lovely community of people. I could empathize completely with Kate and her decisions, and if I had a handy Scottish isle, I'd probably move there tomorrow. I'll be seeking out more titles by Rachael Lucas, and I recommend this one!


What Went Well:

  • Honest characters
  • Great setting


Even Better If:

  • More!