Viral - James Lilliefors

Charles Mallory, a former CIA operative, is left to stop a bioterrorist plot after his father dies. He must use his brother, his business, and complete strangers, as well as his CIA contacts to preserve the lives of millions in Africa.


I was interested in this novel because I find epidemics and virology fascinating, but was there was less detail about the actual viral agent that I would have liked (it wasn't quite a McGuffin, but it had definite McGuffish tendencies). The protagonist was rather cold, and used others without remorse. Also, author James Llliefors could have cut the novvel by about a third. There was a lot of traveling thither and yon that the book could do without.


What Went Well:

  • Interesting premise
  • Suspenseful


Even Better If:

  • Shorter
  • All characters were better developed and more complex, particularly secondary characters