Faun - Trebor Healey

The book description on amazon calls this "a new fairy tale about lust and faith," which is a good a summation as I can think of. Things have been getting weird for Gilberto, and the situation comes to a head, so to speak, when he starts high school. Gilberto gets fur, horns,a tail, and has an odd effect of girls, all of which he tries to hide with less and less success.  Finally he runs away, and is taught that he has become a satyr.


Here's the thing: the sexuality in this book made me uncomfortable. Between Gilberto's age (and the age of some of his paramours) and the women's helplessness, not to mention Gilberto's OWN helplessness, I got kinda creeped out. This book went unfinished for over a month, because at about 75-80% completion it was so dark and sexually weird I had no desire to finish. I eventually picked it up again, just to get it crossed off the list, and was relieved that there was some non-creepy closure. I can't in good conscience recommend this book (by Trebor Healey) to anyone.


What Went Well:

  • Writing was good
  • Acceptable plot resolution


Even Better If:

  • I don't know what to say here, because changing my biggest complaint (the indiscriminate, underage, out-of-control sexuality) would make it a completely different book. On the other hand, I'd rather have read a different book.