Every Day is a Holiday

Every Day Is a Holiday - George Mahood

I came across George Mahood's first book (Free Country) available for free on Book Bub. Free Country starts with two guys setting off to travel the length of Great Britain with nothing but their underwear. When I saw he had a second book available, I had to have it. This is not the sort or storytelling you can pass up.


Every Day is a Holiday is George's journal of six months celebrating the weird and inexplicable Days that clutter the calendar. He squeezed in as many as possible per day, every day, which makes for some awesome juxtapositions. I promise, you do want to know how a guy who works from home celebrates Ride Your Bike to Work Day.


What Went Well:

  • Journaling style
  • The less entertaining days weren't edited out.
  • Photos


Even Better If:

  • There were more photos
  • The rest of the family was involved more often.
  • George finishes out the year. Oh look! He has!