Hidden Dragons

Hidden Dragons (Hidden, #4) - Emma Holly

This is the fourth title in Emma Holly's Hidden series, which I am enjoying quite a bit. It was pitched to me as erotica, but I'm enjoying it as a fantasy series (if a very steamy one). The stories are set in the city of Resurrection, created by the fae as a pocket of reality between our world and theirs. Resurrection is filled with all sorts of fantastical beings; a pack of werewolf cops features prominently in the stories so far.


In this volume, half-fae Cass returns to Resurrection after living in the mundane world for many years. Her high-school crush (a werewolf) turns out to be just the guy to help her survive fulfilling her totally unsuspected destiny.


What Went Well:

  • Plot (there is one)
  • Emotionally relevent erotic scenes
  • Resurrection itself


Even Better If:

  • Tony (secondary gay character) gets his own story!
  • The opening scene was chopped in half; it dragged for me