Dead Lions

Dead Lions - Mick Herron

A group of has-been MI5 agents try to solve the murder of a retired former agent and a cold-war-era Russian spy, who may or may not have existed.


There's plenty of action and misdirection in this one, and lots of who-can-we-trust suspense. The group of "slow" MI5 agents are all distinct, maddening, tragic personalities, and readers get into the heads of each of them. There are some weirdly ineffective devices (when our hypothetical mouse gets to the top of the stairs, he'd die if he went left so it's good he goes right, etc.) and the third quarter drags. But fans of the spy genre will enjoy this, despite. 


Went Went Well:

  • Strangely likable group of misfit agents
  • Believable plot

Even Better If:

  • Less hypothetical mice
  • More even pacing


The publisher provided this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Release date 7 May 2013.