Tricked - Kevin Hearne

Iron Druid Chronicles, volume four. Atticus tries to fake his own death, with mixed results, but gets drawn into one of Coyote's ploys in the process. Native American drama and hijinks ensue.


This volume was much better than the last; my faith in the series is restored. Granuaile is rounding out nicely, and these's some unresolved sexual tension between her and Atticus. All in all, I'm beginning to understand some readers' claims that Iron Druid is the new Dresden Files. My only complaint there is that Atticus is not showing the same kind of character development and growth that Harry Dresden enjoys.


What Went Well:

  • Interesting details of Native American beliefs
  • Things keep moving right along


Even Better If:

  • Atticus still needs to be growing, even after 2100 years!